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Generative AI Media, Marketing & Creative Conference 🗓️

📣 Thrilled to share that I, will be speaking at the Generative AI Media, Marketing & Creative Conference, held virtually from May 8th to May 9th, 2023! 🗓️ This exciting event explores AI's use in creative and marketing industries, such as marketing, music, film, video creation, TV, social media, fashion, and video gaming. 🚀 I'm honored to be a part of this incredible lineup, discussing "Preparing a Generation to Take Their Place in the Digital Revolution".

In my session, I'll revisit my 2015 Tedx Talk, discussing the challenges we face as AI and automation continue to transform the workforce. Join me as we explore where we are now, what needed to have happened, what actually happened, and what we can do next to course-correct. Register now to secure your spot at the conference and engage in this thought-provoking discussion! 🗨️💭

#AIRevolution #DigitalFuture

Jamie Bykov-Brett